Packaging options and delivery

Wooden crate

To make sure my artwork reaches you safe and sound, I pack it very carefully.

First, it's a acid-free paper layer, with additional triangle "hats" on corners, so all painting is completely covered.  Next is a bubble wrap material layer, a first one of them, to protect from hits and jolts. Third layer is a moisture protection - hermetically sealed polyethylene plastic cover. And the forth, again, a bubble wrap.

Being wrapped like this, artwork is placed into a wooden box.  Each of these boxes are made for particular painting, it's not a stock boxes with "more or less needed dimensions" or second-use packaging, it's a hand-made boxes with exact necessary sizes. I always add an original permission for export to customs into package and place a copy of it on a front side of box to minimize time needed for passing customs check.

Wooden cradle

There's another type of packaging.

Almost twice lighter (thus, almost twice less cost for shipping) compared to wooden crate, but still secure enough.

First, the cradle itself (1), made from blocks of wood. This "skeleton" will support artwork and protect it from all external impacts. The artwork, which is properly packed into several layers of protective material (acid free paper, bubble wrap, hermetic plastic cover) is placed (2) into the cradle. 

Then a hard foam boards are placed to the faces (3) and to the sides (4) of the cradle and all this construction is wrapped (5) with tape. Finally a cradle goes into newly made cardboard box (6).


I ship my artworks as priority shipment. Delivery can be made worldwide, and, from my experience with them sending my works into multiple countries in Europe, Asia or North America, delivery is usually made within 10-12 days.