I love to paint my fantasy girls emotions. Every new one, when finished on canvas, becoming a mix of expressions both I felt when creating her and some of her own - a feeling that emerged almost by itself.
This one raised a feeling of expecting new things to come, a future. The future wich is not something that just comes. The kind of future that answers your thoughts and wishes and when it comes, it's mood and brightness greatly depends on how much have you done to welcome it...

Palette knife art

Palette knife art on a stretched canvas.
60x50x2 cm
23.6" x 19.6"
Artwork is done with palette knife on a gallery wrapped cotton canvas. High quality natural pigment oil painting is used. Covered with dammar varnish to preserve color and protect from UV light, dust and moisture.

Decorate your walls

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There's nothing like colorful artwork to light up your home. See these examples of how an ordinary wall changes and may look like if decorated with painting.
Artwork has it's edges painted, does not require framing and ready to hang

One of a kind artwork

100% hand made original oil painting
You get a genuine and original, 100% hand made painting right from my studio.  Artwork is signed on the back and authenticity certificate is provided.