The secret is in throwing paint emotionally on canvas and removing what you don't like while leaving what is beautiful. You then repeat it until you get an artwork. 

I've got artistic education in the studio of Tolmachev M.S., an artist, and an honored teacher. As a member of this studio, I had participated in exhibitions in Japan and Poland. Later I expanded my education by studying design and decor.  
After finishing my education I spent time mostly in travel: Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Georgia, Spain, Italy - lots of countries. I met with people, their stories, local myths, and legends. It was so inspiring - I started to write books and poetry.

But it was not enough: images, shapes, and memories urged me to return to painting, and so I did.

I like history, myths, and legends - all of them inspire me to paint. But most of all I like emotions - our regular daily life is a diverse mix of different feelings. Love, joy, desire, sadness, and many others - all of them I try to catch and then express through colors and balanced harmonious forms. I use a palette knife and try to express emotions in fast large strokes so I do not lose the feelings and visions they have brought. I never plan ahead for color variations and shades and I do not sketch faces since sketches are useless with very thick layers of paint. For me, painting is a living and spontaneous process and clean improvisation.

I'm still trying new styles, forms, and subjects. I'm trying to mix different styles that are commonly considered "incompatible" so I rarely work with only one painting at a time, and I hardly have a day without painting something. This everyday work and colorful fantasies, to my pleasure, have been noted and now I'm proud to name the places I have or had exhibitions: Paris, Rome, New York, Aix-en-Provance, Lyon, and Miami. I hope to make this list longer.

I hope you can see something in my art that can attract and inspire you as it does to me.

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