Exhibitions and events

Thalia Gallery
2024-05-23, Athens, Greece

Can you see me?

The exhibition will take place in Thalia Gallery in Athens, Greece, at Skoufa 51 from May, 23 till June, 8.

2023-09-23, Bad Staffelstein, Germany

The seventh edition of the art sales fair in the production halls on the extensive historic industrial site of Goebel and Kaiser-Porzellan. Over 50 artists. The spectrum of art is enormous and ranges from paintings and sculptures to installations.

2021-09-25, Bad Staffelstein, Germany

The fifth edition of the popular art sales fair Umschlagplatz takes place for the first time in the porcelain factory of Goebel & Kaiser.
The formula for the success of the Umschlagplatz art sales fair can actually be summed up quite simply. A considerable number of artists from all over Germany and the nearby region, more than forty to be exact, will be showing their art up close and offering it for sale on September 25 and 26 on the premises of Kaiser & Goebel Porzellan in Bad Staffelstein. Then you can stroll around again, see, marvel, and, if necessary, negotiate directly with the artist about the price without any intermediate fee.

2020-09-01, Prague, Czech Republic

I have finally moved into my studio in the center of this mystical and inspiring city! It's huge and it allows me to create larger-than-lifes I'm dreaming about.

2018-02-12, London, United Kingdom

A group exhibition and sale in Eclectic gallery. My artworks "Kestrel's dream", "Checkmate" and "Waiting for the unknown" are included in exposition.

2017-11-25, Miami, USA

I was planning (and thrilled, to say the least) to take part in Alberto Linero exhibition with my larger-than-life colorful emotion portraits in November.
Photo showing my new studio under the roof and one of the artworks being created.

2017-10-14, New-York, USA

Carre d'Artistes gallery in Manhattan, New York, is exhibiting my small format oil portraits, a mix of fauvism and pop art styles in vivid, colorful manner.

2017-05-10, Paris, France

Carre d'Artistes gallery is exhibiting my large format oil portraits, made in a mix of fauvism and pop art styles in vivid, colorful manner.


Live painitng on the exhibition opening.

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