At the end of the Universe-1: Why?

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The night sky and the stars inspired me to create a series of paintings called: At the end of the Universe... 
There will be 12 of them, one each month and in each one there will be a part of the message that can be read by studying the whole series. For inspiration, I go as far away from civilization as possible and stay alone, wrapped in the light of the moon and the stars. 
The night always brings up a lot of questions and gives me the opportunity to lift the magical curtain and look beyond its edge.

The artwork is painted on the shore of a lake. That night, the stars drowned in the black waters with golden sparks, and the Milky Way took the imagination to the edge of the universe...

Material: acrylic on canvas
Dimensions: 100x80 cm (39"x31")
Created: August 2021 in Prague
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