2 200 €
Material: acrylic, gilding on canvas
Dimensions: 75x75 cm (29" x 29")
Creation: Prague, April 2023
Shipped: ready to hang
Delivery: included

Please, send me a message if you'd like to receive this artwork framed or if you would like to see more detailed photos.

In ancient times, there existed a floral kingdom where Rosalia lived. Legend has it that she emerged at the moment when the first ray of sunlight penetrated the flower kingdom. Her heart was filled with light and warmth, and she became the guardian of life in this magical world.

One day, a dark force attacked the kingdom, attempting to engulf all the light and joy. Rosalia gathered all the yellow flowers in her hands and created a mighty staff that emitted light. With its help, she repelled the dark forces and saved the floral kingdom.

Since then, Rosalia became the patroness of all who believe in the power of light and rainbows. It is said that every time someone in the world experiences joy and happiness, Rosalia sends a wind that carries the scent of yellow flowers, reminding everyone of her eternal care for life and light.

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